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SIAT Values

SIAT logo is designed on the idea of Science and Engineering. It’s elements include Shenzhen, Pengcheng, Science and Engineering, Books, Authority, Internationalization, World-class, 3-in-1 Academy, Industry and Education Integration,  High-tech, Leading in Science, Innovation, Multi-talented Leaders, Blue themed technolog


Logo Construction

SIAT: SIAT is the English abbreviation of Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It has an integrated artistic design and reflects the uniqueness and exclusivity of the University’s logo.

“Shen”: Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences takes the symbol of the character “深” to reflect the confidence of Chinese culture through the creative use of Chinese characters.

“Gong”: SIAT is built on science and engineering as a foundation. The Chinese character reflects the professional specialization of the University in science and engineering.

“Shu”: Reading books enriches the mind. The character symbolizes the origins of science, the beginning of a new era of intelligence, and a new chapter in science and technology.

“Dapeng”: In line with Shenzhen’s alternative name “Pengcheng”, “dapeng” symbolizes aspirations to build a world-class, high-tech research university based on the institute as a platform, where students may spread their wings and soar to greater heights.

Stamp: The stamp represents the authority and responsibility of academia and reflects the vast and profound traditional Chinese cultural heritage.

Talent: A talent-oriented educational concept cultivates innovative and multi-talented leaders with a global worldview to provide a steady stream of talent for the Greater Bay Area.

The origins of wisdom: Books constitute the road to the truth and form a cornerstone on which academic research may soar to greater heights.

Logo Details

Tough exterior with a soft center Combining strength and gentleness

Purple: “The purple air (also signifies good omen) comes from the east.” Purple is one of the colors that best evokes Chinese culture. Purple symbolizes wisdom, nobility, boldness, technology, and the mystery of exploring the future.

Gray: Gray symbolizes high precision, technology, sincerity, maturity, and elegance. It evokes strong suggestions of wisdom, success, and authority.

A fusion of East and West

Adopting Eastern culture for one’s core and Western technology for one’s practice.

Logo implication

Window: A window through which to seek knowledge on the road of scientific research, a window through which to explore the future, and the window of scientific innovation.

Cross-integration: SIAT is divided into four major industry-oriented divisions that strive towards innovation from the origins to build a platform for cross-integration.