Application Guide

Ⅵ. General Requirements for Applicants

  1. Non-Chinese citizens.
  2. Holding a Master’s degree or its equivalent.
  • As some countries’ higher education systems are very different from the Chinese system, applicants from different education systems should see Attachment 3for reference.
  1. English proficiency is required.

Ⅶ. Application Dates

2. 2021 Fall Entry:

     a) For Applicants applying for all scholarships (CSC, ANSO and UCAS scholarship), please submit application before March 31st, 2021;

     b) For Applicants who apply for UCAS Partial +SIAT Scholarship, please submit application before May 31st, 2021

3. 2022 Spring Entry:

     Please submit online application during June 1st, 2021–November 30th, 2021. Applicants applying for spring entry will be considered for UCAS Partial + SIAT Scholarship.

Ⅷ. Admission Process

3. Mode1:

Contact the potential supervisor and discuss your research plan —- Supervisor organizes online interview —- Applicants who passed the interview submit online application (along with scholarship application) —- SIAT & UCAS make admission and scholarship decisions (normally available in June or July) —- Graduate Office notifies admission decisions

4. Mode 2:

Applicant sends CV to —- Graduate Office forwards CV to different research institutes —- The institute helps with finding a supervisor —- Then following the steps in Mode 1

Ⅸ. Online Application Guideline

1. Please submityour application via the online application system of UCAS ( and follow the instructions. It is better that you prepare supporting documentation in advance, including but not limited to:

(1) Copy of your regular passportwhich has at least 2 years validity;

(2) Complete CVwith a brief introduction of research experience;

(3) Original copy of the certificate of university degreesheld

(4) TWO reference letters:

  • The referees shall be familiar with you and your work, NOT to be your host supervisor. The letters should be signed, dated on official headed paper with contact phone number and email address of the referees. Reference letters in the body of e-mails will NOT be accepted!

(5) Detailed research proposal;

(6) Photocopies of title pages and abstracts of maximum 5 published academic papers (if available);

(7) Proof of knowledge of English and/or Chinese;

(8) Foreigner Physical Examination Form (Attachment 4)

2. Please note:

(1) An applicant can only register one account in the enrolment system. Please do not apply for multiple accounts, otherwise it will not be accepted.

(2) The applicant cannot apply to more than one institute/school and supervisor.

(3) Please choose major, host supervisor and host institute cautiously before submission. After enrolment at UCAS, applications for the change of these items are seldom considered.

(4) Please DO NOT send any hardcopy of application materials directly to SIAT.

(5) Chinese Government Scholarship, and UCAS Partial Scholarship for International DoctoralStudents do not request for application processing fee.

Ⅹ. Admission Result

Admission is determined at SIAT with oversight by UCAS according to the result of the document review, the interview, and other factors. Admission Notices, Visa Application Forms and some other documents will be sent to the admitted students after the final admission result is released. Prior to this, applicants may check their admission status via the Online Application System for International Students of UCAS (here)