Societies and Organizations

“Discover Your Communities”

We aim to give every student and staff a colorful, fulfilling and dynamic campus life. Come and join us. Find your communities and start your campus journey!

Student Union

The Student Union of SIAT is a student organization aimed at solving student issues and improving your campus experience. We help you make the most of your time by supporting your academic life, caring about each student’s physical and psychological needs, and bringing students together. It is a student-led charity that is independent, inclusive, progressive and socially responsible. We hope you to make the best of opportunities to achieve valuable experience.

SIAT Societies

SIAT has various societies for you to join in. You can meet new friends, follow your interests and try novel things here. Every year, there is a host of performances, competitions, campaigns and activities. Get involved to begin your wonderful journey!

Here are what we can offer you to explore your campus life:

Music Society

Street Dancing Society

Basketball Society

Football Society

Badminton Society

Taiiji Society

Yoga Society

Choir Society