Badminton Society


The Badminton Society is a platform for SIATers to exchange badminton skills. It is also a paradise for badminton lovers, no matter whether your skill is superb, or the posture is green, you can harvest friendship here. We provide a platform for all friends who are concerned about health, who love badminton and who are happy to make friends to exchange, share and help each other win-win, and enrich each other’s social life while improving their physical quality. The society will hold a badminton mixed team tournament at SIAT every year, and the society also actively participates in the matches outside SIAT, such as the university league competition, Yinzheng Cup, Weiguang Cup, the hospital friend tournament, the youth worker cup, the graduation season exchange tournament, etc.



1、3rd place of the “Health-Sinolitec Cup” Badminton Tournament, 2018

2、The fourth place of “Guangzhou Branch Staff” Badminton Team Tournament, 2018

3、The fourth place of “University Town of Shenzhen” Badminton Team Tournament, 2018

4、”Shenzhen Cup” Amateur Badminton Tournament , Top 16 in Futian, 2019

5、The third prize of CAS Interbranch Badminton Invitational Tournament, 2019

6、”Yinzheng Harmony Cup” Amateur Badminton Tournament Top 16, 2019


Li Qichuang ,