Street Dancing Society


SIAT Treasure Dance Association XXDANCE, was established in February, 2019. At present, it has formed a professional operation team and consists of Teaching and Research Service Department and XXDance Dance team (Street Dance and Chinese Dance) to achieve one-stop output of curriculum development, activity planning, new media operation, outreach and promotion, continuing to provide support from professional performances and dance work for SIAT. It also provides diversified dance courses and activities of special themes for SIATers, and which enriches and enlivens the cultural atmosphere of the school. Love and persistence are our label. Time passes silently and slowly, but our heart remains unchanged.



There are strong and rich resources of mentors in and out of XXDANCE, covering JAZZ, URBAN, K-POP, HIPHOP, Chinese dance and other diversified types of dance. Nowadays, there are 2 dance classes in the school every week and are open to all SIATer. No matter whether you are a rookie or a talented dancer, you can release your passion with XXDance after intense study.

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