Taiji Society


The Tai Chi Society was founded by Dr. Yang Zhile, an associate researcher of the Institute of Integration in 2018. It has more than 30 members, including multiple researchers, postdocs, staffs and students with different backgrounds. Tai Chi Society mainly organize Taijiquan routine teaching courses, equipment exercises, and Health Qigong exercises in the yoga room.

In the past few years, we has participated in multiple activities and performances, including 3 annual conferences, 2 university town art performances, and 1 sports meeting opening ceremony. It is a  magical “Traditional power” that has optimistic effects on SIAT. Except for exercises, we also discuss scientific research cooperation and personal progress every week, trying to nature the Tai Chi Society into a happy and cohesive group.



Schedule:  Monday and Wednesday (each week)

Location: Yoga Room, 2nd Floor, A Building


Zhile Yang,15900863274