Yoga Society


Founded in 2017, the Yoga Society is an yoga enthusiasts’ communicating organization throughout teachers and students at SIAT. Since its establishment, the Yoga Society has organized various activities related to yoga for its members every year.  As one of the largest societies at SIAT, we do our best to organized a wealth of yoga exercises and popular courses for SIATers to do exercise and maintain vitality, such as: Existing Orthographic Yoga, Flow yoga, Dance yoga, Pilates, Barre, etc. Currently, three professionally trained yoga teachers have been invited to instruct our members during courses.

Modern yoga is not only limited to stretching and flexing exercises, but also focusing on posture adjustment, strength training, sports rehabilitation, bone alignment, maternity repair, etc. The Yoga Society brings a relaxing and pleasant yoga experience to all SIATers, yoga in work, yoga in life! The Yoga Society also actively participates in various activities organized by SIAT to enrich everyone’s leisure life.



Training Schedule:  Tuesday and Thursday (each week)

Curriculum:  Orthogonal Yoga, Orientation Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Dance Rhythm Yoga

Location:  Yoga Room, 2nd Floor, A Building


Gao Ruiwen: 18603069425

Chen Hui:        13538079935