Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIAT) adopts “three-in-one” educational model. Faculties, research institutes and colleges work closely and highly integrated, with the holistic development of students as the core goal, to build a first-class undergraduate education. The university established the first experimental Residential College-Dawning College in Mingzhu New Campus in September 2021, and held Dawning College opening ceremony in November 2021. The first batch of 120 undergraduate and master students moved into the College to receive management and education under the Residential College system. The number of students will be gradually expanded to 500 in the next few years. In order to cultivate students’ interdisciplinary learning competency, cross-disciplinary communication skills, students are randomly assigned to the College regardless of major, grade or gender.


The College implements a “dual-tutor-system” to provide a full range of guidance for students’ academic and careers development, innovation and entrepreneurship. Through the “Mentor Program”, each undergraduate student is assigned an academic mentor who is professor from the faculties or research institutes; through the “one-on-one meeting”, college fellow provides each student with personalized careers development and career planning guidance. In addition, all college courses and various types of activities will also work closely around the core goals of students’ academic and careers development, innovation and entrepreneurship. The college fellows build a sound psychological health guardian network from different latitudes to provide students with emotional support and pastoral care, such as knowledge popularization, peer support, guidance from college fellows, and professional consultation.


The College management team has begun to take shape. Academician Li Guojie, the founder of Dawning High Performance Computer, was appointed as the honorary College Master of the College. Fan Jianping, the dean of SIAT, is the College Master. An Associate College Master with rich experience in overseas Residential College education and student affairs leads 2 college fellows, 10 college Resident Tutors and Resident Assistants to organize various educational activities and provide various services for college students. The College will also work closely with different functional departments and faculties of the university to give full play to the advantages of “three-in-one” educational model, and provide each student with a holistic education with the characteristics of SIAT.