SIAT Held the first Online Summer Camp for College Students

15 Aug 2021 News Update

The annual SIAT Summer Camp kicked off on July 13 and lasted until the July 16. It was jointly organized by Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (“SIAT”). In consideration of epidemic prevention and control, this summer camp was held through a combination of online and offline programs. The online program at Bilibili and WeChat Video had attracted about 16,000 participants.

To ensure the optimum effect of the campaign, we had put a lot of effort into preparing many different activities such as course description, advanced academic seminar, research institute overview, cloud visit to the laboratory, online teacher-student meeting and sharing session. From the characteristics of a subject to the profile of a supervisor, from research facilities to campus living, the campaign allowed the participants to approach us, understand us and join us step by step.

According to a statistical sum-up, more than 1,500 students had applied for the summer camp. They were students of more than 120 colleges and universities around China. 71% of them were studying at prestigious universities such as Peking University, Fudan University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University and Tianjin University and were mostly majoring in computer, automation, electronics, information, biology, chemistry, medicine, materials, physics, machinery and other related disciplines. Most of them came from Central China, Northeast China, Southwest China and Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.

Exciting Online Activities 

At the opening ceremony, Fan Jianping, director of the Preparation Office of SIAT, president of SIAT and academician of International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, extended on behalf of SIAT and gave a warm welcome to the participating students that came from all over China. He also communicated expectations to them and briefed on the current status and future prospects of SIAT in terms of characteristics, faculty, strengths and international resources etc. According to Mr. Fan, SIAT, as the fourth university of Chinese Academy of Sciences, is going to draw on the 15-year experience of SIAT and benchmark against top international universities to establish itself as one of the best research-oriented universities in the world. Biotechnology has unlimited potential for growth. The integration of biotechnology and information technology represents the core development direction of SIAT. This summer camp had drawn outstanding students of top Chinese colleges and universities, which reflects the strengths of SIAT in faculty, academic accomplishments, characteristic development, and internationalization. Mr. Fan hoped that students would participate in the campaign actively and seize the opportunity to join SIAT.

During the advanced academic sharing and discussion session, Professor Zhao Wei, director of the Academic Committee of SIAT, IEEE Fellow, Chief Scientist of China’s National 973 Program, and the eighth president of the University of Macau, delivered a speech on “Science and Business Behind Big Data”. In simple and humorous language Prof. Zhao expounded on the principles and envisioned the future of big data application, and encouraged every student to keep exploring, questioning and striving for great accomplishments like Newton did.

Deans of the various schools of SIAT and heads of the various research institutes of SIAT were also invited to expound on the latest developments and research results in brain science, bioinformatics, computer science, medicine, synthetic biology, materials science, biomedical and health engineering and other subjects to help students learn about the characteristics and strengths of SIAT’s programs and clarify the direction of their future study and research. 

To deepen the participants’ understanding of the programs, research projects and campus life of SIAT, each research institute gave a detailed introduction of its history, accomplishments, characteristics, faculty, major research directions, strengths and boarding environment.

Besides, the live streams and cloud visit allowed the participants to tour around the laboratories online and through introduction of each research institute, remarks of supervisors and experience sharing of seniors, helped them achieve a thorough understanding of SIAT and clarify the direction of their future study and research.

Prof. Fan Jianping, director of the Preparation Office of SIAT, president of SIAT and academician of International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, made an address online

Zhao Wei, deputy director of the Preparation Office of SIAT and academician of International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, gave a report

Teachers Gave Speeches

Cloud Visit to the Laboratory

Many Different Online Activities