The 2021 Graduation Ceremony of SIAT

15 Aug 2021 News Update

“An Institute of Advanced Technology and a Cradle of Science and Engineering Talent”. The 2021 Postgraduate Graduation Ceremony of SIAT kicked off on June 24. 170 graduates successfully completed their studies at SIAT and will embark on a new phase in their life journey with the fruitful results the past several years at SIAT have yielded. Due to epidemic prevention and control, the commencement took place in the form of live streaming and offline activities. The main venue and sub-venues were activated simultaneously offline to ensure safety and liveliness of the event.

Fan Jianping, president of SIAT, director of the Preparation Office of SIAT, and academician of International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, held high hopes for the students: a “down-to-earth attitude is in the DNA of SIAT. In academic research we lay emphasis on independent mind. Our code of conduct is centered on moral cultivation and diligent work. We want our students to be discreet in word and deed, and more importantly, inspirational and upright. We hope that you will ‘integrate knowledge and practice’ as President Xi Jinping advocates, live by the motto of SIAT – ‘bring together knowledge and practice and lead an upright life’, make practical use of your research results and contribute to the modernization of China.”

Offers Flooded in and Scholarship and Salary Hit Record High

This year’s graduates of SIAT have stood out in terms of both employment and further study. Among the 131 graduates that have accepted an offer, 66% will work at high-tech enterprises, 28% colleges and research institutes, and 5% financial institutions and public institutions. The remaining 1% chose to start a business. 21 graduates have been employed by Huawei. 12 of them, or 57%, are part-time postgraduates. Graduates that are offered an annual salary of more than RMB 400,000 account for 12% of the total graduates, the average salary of whom is RMB 305,000. The highest salary reaches RMB 800,000/year, which is the record high salary offered to graduates of SIAT.  25 graduates chose to pursue further study at Chinese and international colleges and universities such as University College London, University of Tokyo, University of Manchester, and Shanghai Jiaotong University. Liang Suzi, who is going to study a doctoral program at University College London, has received a full scholarship from the British government that is equivalent to about RMB 1.8 million and is seldom granted to non-British students. “I’m grateful for the postgraduate program of SIAT, which has empowered me with personal fulfillment and allowed me to spend a meaningful, delightful time,” said Liang.

A Marvelous Combination of Papers, Patents and Awards is more than a Satisfactory Closure of Campus Life at SIAT

The 2021 graduates have ended their school days with a marvelous combination of papers, patents, and awards: Ke Ziwen, for example, is a doctoral student who has published 8 articles in international journals, applied for 7 international PCT patents, 12 Chinese invention patents, and won the first prize of the magnetic resonance challenge at the 4th International Symposium on Image Computing and Digital Medicine. Yang Jianquan, a doctor of engineering who presided over a National Natural Science Foundation Youth Science Foundation project and a Guangdong Provincial Natural Science Foundation project, and also served as referee for IEEE TIP, TIFS, TCSVT and other international authoritative journals during his school days. Mojisola Grace Asogbon, an accomplished overseas student who won the highest honor bestowed on overseas students in China – the “Chinese Government Recognized Outstanding International Student Award” presented by the Ministry of Education, and published up to 32 papers, including 7 SCI and 5 EI articles, just to name a few. The inter-disciplinary study and academic research of SIAT have driven students to learn, grow and succeed. Hu Chengshen, a Master of Materials Engineering, liked his major very much. He said that he “has made good use of the platform of SIAT and achieved satisfactory progress.” Though he was majored in materials engineering, he also studied clinical medicine, pharmacy, biology, chemistry etc. and published papers in these subjects, including 10 SCI articles.

A New Phase Has been Unfolded. Students and Enterprises Join Efforts in Promoting the Growth of SIAT

Since the graduation season approached in June, SIAT has carried a series of activities such as Review of Accomplishments of Excellent Graduates, Graduation Season · What I Want to Tell you, Future Dreams · Sharing Session of Excellent Graduates, Freezing your Youthful Days · Memorable Stories of SIAT and Me. These activities were meant to conduct a holistic review of SIAT’s academic accomplishments, tighten the bond between teachers and students, and popularize the concept of unlimited innovation. On the Graduation Day, SIAT also held the first book donation campaign and the SIAT donation ceremony.

Teachers and students were called on to donate old books and good books and join hands to establish the library of SIAT. Graduates wrote down their feelings on special bookmarks and passed them on to the future students of SIAT. Staff, students and the school leaders have donated a total of 500 books.

SIAT received the first donation from the social forces on the day. APIG donated RMB 5 million to support the talent cultivation, scientific research and faculty enhancement of SIAT. 

Since the inception in 2006, SIAT has built an integrated research-university-industry-capital innovation system and has developed a capacity for science education and postgraduate programs that are benchmarked against top colleges and universities. The 13,000 graduates it has cultivated include more than 6,000 innovative and entrepreneurial talents and several hundreds of senior executives at noted large-scale high-tech companies. They have founded more than 400 companies, about 30 of which have a market value that exceeds RMB 100 million.

On the strength of a solid foundation and an elite team, Shenzhen and Chinese Academy of Sciences are planning to establish SIAT based on SIAT. Driven by the dual forces – the Great Bay Area and Shenzhen Pilot Demonstration Area as well as the superposition of Shenzhen Economic Zone and Shenzhen Pilot Demonstration Area, SIAT will focus on the research-teaching, industry-teaching integration and adopt an international approach to cultivate international, innovative and all-round talents. At present, six schools of SIAT have taken shape and gathered a group of high-level teachers including 11 full-time academicians, 52 national-level talents, and 231 provincial-level talents. Deans of the schools and department heads are all members of the global 2% scientists. Leveraging the dual drive, SIAT will take a solid step further towards the establishment of a first-rate international research-oriented university.

The 2021 Graduation Ceremony

Wu Chuangzhi, Party Secretary of SIAT, Delivered an Address

Fan Jianping, President of SIAT, Delivered an Address

Liang Suzi, a Student Representative, Gave a Speech

Li Guanglin, a Representative of Supervisors, Gave a Speech